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Welcome to Dhanbad St. Xavier’s School

Dhanbad St. Xavier’s School is named after Saint Francis Xavier who was a pioneering Roman Catholic missionary born on 7th April 1506 in the Kingdom of Navarre (Spain) and co-founder of Society of Jesus.
He led an extensive mission into Asia, mainly in the Asian Portuguese, Empire of the time. He was influential in the spreading and upkeep of Catholicism most notably in India.This is an English medium co-educational school which follows the curriculum of Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E), New Delhi. The first session of the school was started on 15th Nov 2000.
The main objective of school is the service of humanity at large through removal of ignorance. A DXSian should posses a high character comprising of service to mankind, flexibility of thought, analytical and scientific approach .... Read more

Principal's Desk

It is heartening to learn that Dhanbad St. Xavier's School Dhanbad(Jharkhand) is bringing out the next of its School Magazine "SRIJAN" on the occasion of Children's Day on 14th Nov,2013.

Dhanbad St. Xavier's School Dhanbad have been in the forefront in imparting education to the children of the cross section of society, simultaneously imparting value eduction for their overall development.

Dhanbad St. Xavier's School Dhanbad a project School associated with BCCL, deserves apprecationfor meeting the challenges of eduction of children across all social group in Dhanbad specially in the Tetulmart Sejua Area.
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